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Court's Name Southern District of California
Release Name NextGen CM/ECF Release 1.7.2
ECF Go Live Date 03/25/1998
Maximum PDF File Size (MB) 35.0
Maximum Merge Document Size (MB) 35.0
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Court Locations
Court's Name Southern District of California
Court's Address 325 West F Street, San Diego, California 92101
Court's Phone Number 619-557-5620
Court's Email Address
Court's Hours 8:30am - 4:30pm

PACER Details
PACER Address PACER Service Center, PO Box 780549, San Antonio TX 78278-0549
PACER Phone Number 800-676-6856
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Flag Definitions
341cntdNotice of Continuance of Meeting of Creditors
707(b)Presumption of Abuse under 707
727727 Complaint Filed
AppealNotice of Appeal
Asset7Chapter 7 ASSET case
Audit-NoCloseAudit No Closing
AwaitCloAwait Closing Order
B21Statement of Social Security No.
BarDoNotOpenBarred from Filing - Do Not Open Case
BarTickBarred from Filing
BifurBifurcate Case (Split)
CLMSAGTOrder re Claims Agent
ConfirmPlnOrder Confirming Plan
ConsLeadConsolidated Lead Case
ConsMemConsolidated Member Case
ConvertedConverted Case
CredCounCertification of Credit Counseling for Debtor Due
CredCounJTCertificate of Credit Counseling for Jt Debtor Due
CredDisSSNFailure to file Matrix, Diskette, SS# or Tax # (CSD 1014)
CrtNoteCourt Note
DSOEligibility for Discharge (DSO)
DebtEdFinancial Mgmt Course Certificate for Debtor Due
DebtEdJTFinancial Mgt Course Certificate for Jt Debtor Due
DeferredFee Payment Deferred
DirAplDirect Appeal to Circuit Court
DischargeDischarge Requested
DisctickDischarge Tickler
DismissedDismissed Case
DsmOneDbDismiss One Debtor
ExTimeExtend Time
FederalExemptionFederal Exemption
Fee1stFee Due First Installment
Fee2ndFee Due Second Installment
FeeFinalFee Due Final Installment
HardshipDischarge Hardship
IFPIFP fee Waived
IFPappPending Application for Waiver of Fee
MEANSNOpresumption of abuse does not arise / temporarily inapplicable
MEANSTMPEXTemporary exclusion from means test fore reservists and national guard
MEANSUpresumption of abuse unknown
MEANSYESpresumption of abuse arises
MiscTickMiscellaneous Tickler
Obj1515Objection to Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
Obj1519Objection to Provisional Relief Section 1519
Obj1521/1507Objection to Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
OppIFROpposition to Notice of Chapter 13 Trustee's Interim Final Report
OvrrideReq for address override for case only
PriorBarprior debtor barred from filing identified by Pacer Case Locator
PriorDiscprior Discharge idendified by Pacer Case Locator
REAFReaffirmation under Review
REAF2Reaffirmation under Review 2
REAF3Reaffirmation under Review 3
REAF4Reaffirmation under Review 4
REAFhrgReaffirmation Set for Hearing
RPARestrict Public Access
ReopenReopened Case
RepeatRepeat Filer identified by PACER Case Locator
RetainRetain Jurisdiction
SkipPriorRelCaseSkip AJT assignment because the case has a prior or related case
SmBusSmall Business
SmBusSubVSmall Business Subchapter V
StateExemptionState Exemption
SubVSubchapter V
TRNSTransfer Case
VacateMotion or Order to Vacate
WTRSVRENDWithdrawal of Trustee Services Rendered
WithXMLDataA code to track cases opened with XML data
eSROpened from an eSR package
m1519Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
m1521/1507Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
mDismissMotion to Dismiss Case
mExTimeMotion to Extend Time
mLienMotion to Avoid Lien
mWRefMotion to Withdraw Reference
o1515Order on Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Section 1515
o1519Order on Motion for Provisional Relief Section 1519
o1521/1507Order on Motion for Post-Recognition Relief Section 1521/1507
wNDRWithdrawal of Notice of Distribution Report

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